Overview of Services

The principle services provided by Step 2  are as follows:

Step 2 programmes

Sexual Health Services

  • Prevention work
  • Group work around safe relationships
  • Relationship and Sex Education
  • Outreach Services including C-Card
  • Training for Staff including delivery of C-Card

Counselling Service

  • Working with children and young people
  • Working with children and young people and their families
  • Working with parents of young people in our service
  • In schools and community settings

We offer a range of services to young people in schools, community sessions and through outreach, offering services to young people individually, in groups or whole class settings, across the Bradford District and neighbouring areas, and where practical can extend these services to neighbouring communities in the North of England or further afield.

We can also offer a range of services online, where distance is not an issue.We have a range of community partners, and are keen to develop these to ensure young people are engaged in accessing quality services.

RSE Education

We are Bradford's leading provider of RSE Education, and so can offer quality and relevant support to schools with the mandatoryrequirement to deliver health education and relationships and sex education (or 'relationships education' in primaries).

We are currently working in collaboration with JAMES and HALE on a contract commissioned by Bradford Council to provide free support around the delivery of RSE in the district’s secondary schools.

As part of this we can deliver sessions to young people, training to staff, consultancy and support for schools in their implementation of the RSE curriculum, to enable schools to feel empowered in their approach to the new statutory RSE curriculum.

This support is free and available to secondary schools in the Bradford District.

We can do this by offering a consultancy service, offering training or delivering.

Group Work

We offer a range of programmes to help improve the emotional well-being of children and young people and to also educate children and young people on a range of health related issues.  We take our services in to a number different community settings, including but not limited to schools, youth clubs, health centres and community centres.

Step 2 services

All of our programmes  are adaptable to suit the needs of the young people we work with.

Sexual Health Services

We currently working in partnership with Health Action Local Engagement (HALE) to deliver Sexual Health Outreach work for Locala. 

We deliver training on the C-Card scheme, whcih provides full training and resources for school, colleges, pharmacies and community settings to become part of this succesful and popular scheme

We also deliver outreach at special events and in hard to reach communities, and have access to an Outreach Bus which enables us to have a confidential space where young people gather, allowing for the delivery of condom distribution in the community.

Looked After Parents Work

At Step 2 we offer support for young people under 25 who are pregnant and have Social Care intervention – this could mean they are Looked After, Leaving Care or are having a Pre-Birth Assessment undertaken on their unborn.

We can work with the young woman (and partner if appropriate) for approximately 6 sessions looking at topics including bonding with their unborn, smoking reduction, promoting breastfeeding, support the CIN/CP plan & help the young person to understand is being said, plus signposting to other services for equipment and birth support. 

For more information please email Kirsty Ferguson - Service Lead at kirsty@step2.org.uk or to make a referral please click the link  https://form.jotform.com/210382401636043 

Capacity Work for Adults with a Learning Disability 

Step 2 has a long history of supporting young people with additional needs and combined with our expertise working with people around Healthy
Relationships and Sexual Health we have been comissioned by the Local Authority to work with Adults requiring work around RSE and supporting their needs around Capacity.

We provided one to one sessions tailored to the needs of the individual and adapt our work to create a positive learning experience for the person to hopefully improve their understand of Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health. For more information please email Kirsty Ferguson - Service Lead at kirsty@step2.org.uk or to make a referral please click the link https://form.jotform.com/210392289045355 

Alongside the services we offer to young people we also offer training and resources to other professionals around various issues relating to Health and Well Being.

Step 2 services

We have a wealth of experience creating successful placements for degree and masters level students. We can also offer great volunteering opportunities.


For our current vacancies for staff and volunteers see our vacancies page.