Tackling RSE in the UK

23 Jun 2021

In June 2021, Ofsted published a report which reviewed the culture of sexual behaviours in schools and colleges in the UK


900 children and young people contributed to the report, in addition to leadership teams, governors, teachers, local safeguarding partnerships, parents and other stakeholders.


The report featured some important issues for young people, some of the key things being;

- Sexual behaviours begins early on for young people - by the time they start to receive relationships and sexual education, it's "too little, too late".

- Young people are saying they get some of their education about sexual behaviours and relationships, on social media or from each other/their peers.

- Harmful sexual behaviours are happening so often for them they consider it to be "normal".


What's more the report indicated that for professionals and those engaging with young people;

- Consistently underestimated the prevalence of online sexual abuse even with a whole school approach to tackling it.

- They have to make difficult decisions that are often "grey area" and aren't covered by guidance,

- There are sexual behaviours or language that young people use, that changes all the time, and may not be represented in the guidance provided.


How can Step 2 help?


Step 2 has been working in the community since 1993, providing outreach work, sexual health information and resources to young people and schools, in a variety of ways. We also provide group work, CPD and workshops, as well as a busy counselling service!


In March 2021, we announced our partnership with HALE and JAMES to provide a new and updated formula for Bradford schools to deliver their Relationships, Sex and Health Education.


As a part of this programme, Step 2 is delivering the programme and tailoring it to the needs of the schools and their students.


The programme so far includes sessions (also tailored to each year group) delivered around;


- Identity and Values

- Boundaries

- Gender Identity and Sexuality

- Consent and Peer Pressure

- Teenage Relationship Abuse

- Sexual Health & Contraception

- Pornography


Not only is this being delivered directly to students in schools, but also provides training for school staff to be able to deliver it too - helping to create a culture of important conversations.


Book onto the programme through Shelly Brummit at JAMES shelly.brummitt@jamesuk.org. For more information on the programme contact Liz Robinson at Step2 liz@step2.org.uk 

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