Step2 Stories: Nikita

02 Feb 2021

Nikita is one of Step2’s trustees. Here she tells us her Step2 Story.


“My involvement with Step 2 began at a young age. I went to them for support in different areas as a teenager. I was being bullied at school, went to them for contraception and guidance in my everyday life. Step 2 helped me massively when I was struggling.

I had low confidence from the bullying at school. Step 2 gave me somewhere to go and someone to talk to when I was finding it difficult. It is safe to say that it helped me and my confidence in my school years, helped me get through school.

When I got older, I suffered from depression and the place and people I thought back to was Step 2, which shows they made a big difference in my life. When I was asked if I would like to be a trustee for Step 2, I had no hesitation about saying yes.

I became a trustee because I wanted to help other people. I also wanted to be part of and help Step 2 in the work they are doing. My way of giving back for the great support they have shown me and others I know.”


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